GameSage Productions is a rising publisher of games on Mobile, PC and consoles.

Since 2012, we’ve been working with game developers to help bring their games to the broadest possible audiences all over the world.

From online sensations like Idle Earth and Mage, to upcoming franchises such as
The Quest For Magic, we’re passionate about what we publish.

At GameSage Productions, we aim to bring magic to every project.




"We find that a lot of companies want to higher a level of skill than what the colleges offer. There is no level in-between, so people finish college and they have nowhere to go because there is no assistance with that next step. We want to be that next step"



“Just do it!”  this is the motto adopted by

Vannasouk Phadilok. The studio have released their first game for Android, and we sit down to chat with them about the industry, their passion for games and what it takes.



“This is an evolving community that offers access to resources and a wealth of connectivity that will open the door for future business and commercial opportunities.”.

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